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October 5 / Bixby Knolls

Homeowner’s purchased a new residence that had not seen any improvements since constructed in 1953. Known for its distinguished schools, great parks and walk-to shopping, the neighborhood was perfect. However, the house was a total disaster.

The house required new kitchen, bathrooms, roofing, windows, doors, plumbing, and an up-to-date 200 amp electrical-service. Homeowners began the design-build process with October 5 Fine Home Builders; it shortens construction timelines, presents a clearer understanding of costs and provides for a single point of responsibility.

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The approach to the front door was lost in the large expanse of a broken concrete driveway. They wished for more privacy and direct access from the garage into the kitchen. The garage was redesigned to have its door face the street, thus eliminating the long broken driveway. This allowed for a private reception courtyard with intercom, meditation gardens, tiered fountain and meandering pathways.

Great Room

Structural changes joined the kitchen, living and dining rooms to create one spectacular great-room with custom fireplace and beautiful architectural details.

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Why Design-Build

The design-build method integrates design and construction early in the process, and allowed October 5 to order building materials, cabinets, hardware, tile, windows, etc. before construction began. Within a short time the cabinets, tiles, windows, hardware, appliances, etc. were delivered to the job site, inspected and locked inside a large shipping container ready for installation. There were no delays due to missing materials.

92 Days – Start to Finish

The homeowners remained in their old house while construction on the new home was underway. October 5 Fine Home Builders completed the remodel in 92 days, allowing the owners leisurely packing and moving-in time. No hotel stays for this family during construction.

The once neglected house is now a solid, warm, inviting, sturdy and beautifully designed structure. Its rooms are filled with generations of happiness, love, memories, birthdays, holidays and respect. We don’t just build houses; we build homes - homes for families that are prized and handed down for generations. If you value craftsmanship, quality, peace and tranquility then there’s an excellent chance October 5 Fine Home Builders are the builders for your home.