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Custom Cabinets by Crystal Cabinets

If you decided to build a custom home or make custom additions/remodels to your house, you know what you want. You want something unique and high grade that reflects your style and provides maximum comfort, without spending half a fortune. For instance, when you consider the quality, composition and affordability of full plywood box cabinets, it’s hard to imagine a decision to select particle board construction.

Crystal Cabinets, October 5’s first choice in custom cabinets, is unmatched in finish, selections, value and quality. We admire Crystal Cabinets’ dedication and craftsmanship, which we could experience first-hand during a recent tour of their manufacturing facility in Princeton, Minnesota. Even though it’s fairly remote, an hour and a half north of the twin cities, and the temperature dropped to three degrees, seeing Crystal Cabinets’ operations was an amazing opportunity for us.

Crystal Cabinets

If I were to estimate the number of times a human hand touches the collective components, from start to finish, of a single cabinet at Crystal, I’d bet it’s nearly 100 times. I was impressed with the attention to the joinery, the sanding and surfacing of the door and drawer front, and the final finishing. Their hand-work is incredible.

When it comes to finishing, Crystal is unmatched. In partnership with Valspar, they’ve developed “LuxGuard,” a coating that offers excellent coverage, increasing the actual thickness of the finish — you can really feel the difference! The finishes have enhanced depth of color and durability, with a touchable, silky feel.

But back to plywood versus particle board construction, would you really consider installing a four-billion year old granite or marble countertop over semi-disposable Swedish cabinets from the big box store? Sure they look nice, but have you seen what happens to particle board when it gets wet or when it’s tossed into an open fire? It can swell, disintegrate or (in the latter case) release very toxic chemicals. Not good.

Another concern is the binding agent, formaldehyde, used in the manufacturing of particle board. Formaldehyde is classified by the World Health Organization as a known human carcinogen. Crystal Cabinets are formaldehyde free, which is not only better for you and your family, but also safer for the environment.

A few years ago, I heard the phrase, “It’s like putting lipstick on a pig,” and I laughed. Image a beautifully stained cherry cabinet door or drawer front with great hardware on a cabinet carcass constructed of particle board. Got lipstick?