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Design Build Construction

Design BuildWith the rise in Design – Build construction, traditional hierarchies of the design and construction industry feel vulnerable, and believe me, I’ve witness a few stubborn architects being wary with the general contractor involved during the design phase.

Traditionally, clients locate architects and commission him/her to design or remodel their home.  Early in the process, everyone is tremendously excited about the design and its possibilities.  Homeowners begin to visualize their day-to-day living in the new spaces – the kitchen flows nicely and the master suite is amazing.  Construction documents are finished, and now it’s time to bid the project; how much is all this going to cost us?

All too often, we witness the frustration, sadness and disappointment of projects being seriously over budget, and we am not talking about a few tens of thousands of dollars; let’s just say well over six-figures. We find this sad for everyone (including the architects) because it doesn’t have to happen.

Design, in parallel and cooperation with “real-time” budgeting sets expectations, eliminates uncertainty and provides a clear understanding of the costs associated with design choices.  For example, a good design-build team can promptly inform you of the costs associated with carpeting versus hardwood floors or walnut versus cherry cabinets.

It’s an opportunity to make informed decisions, weighing costs and keeping the budget under control; like having the budget police involved during the design phase.  “Excuse me, but that hand-crafted tile is $140.00 per square foot, and we are currently budgeted for porcelain at $28.00.”

Design – Build doesn’t just keep you on budget, research on selecting project delivery systems have found that design-build projects are delivered 33.5% faster with a minimum of 6.1% savings over projects designed and built under separate contracts (design-bid-build).  It also eliminates the conflicts that inevitably tend to develop between architects and general contractors with fingers pointing at one another.  With an experienced Design – Build Team, the architect and general contractor work in cooperation.  You know it never hurts to have a second set of eyes look at the plans.

At the end of the design-build process, you can expect a full set of construction and engineering documents along with a detailed budget.  We include elevations of all interior walls showing tile patterns, moldings, window and door placements and alignments, etc.  The additional attention to detail eliminates confusion and subsequent change orders; it also speeds up the construction process – on average of 33.5% faster!