Jim Brophy


From a young age, I knew that building was in my heart; nothing could keep me away from construction sites. As a young boy, I remember knocking the mortar off bricks, and being paid by the day-laborers in cookies and soda. I told everyone who would listen that I was going to be a carpenter when I grew up. However, things changed as they always do, I attended college and earned a B.S. in Chemistry, but I kept feeling that tug – building and design. Within six months of graduation, I bought my first house, tore it apart and rebuilt it. I was in heaven – good bye chemistry.

I call building my art. Some people work with brushes and canvas or musical notes and instruments – I work with hammers and nails.

Michael Carlisle

Construction Team, Los Angeles

Roaming the inner city streets of New York as a child, I’ve always had a great appreciation for the magnificent buildings surrounding me. Inspired by that great architecture, I eventually attended college to study design. With an aptitude for math and physics, I soon discovered a fondness for the simplicity of symmetry and balance.

I developed a knack for what I call, “subtraction.” How do I achieve the same results with less lines, texture, and angles? Benefitting from the use of quality materials, subtraction results in a sense of calmness, peace and perfection. For me, when this ensues, the building or room speaks in unison and harmony with its materials and finishes; they truly become one, and a space like no other.

Over time, I came to enjoy field work over being in the office. For more than 20 years now, I’ve utilized my persistent attention to detail and design skills for countless outstanding residential properties. As a project manager, my relationships and skills are keys to my success.

Ryan Heiman

Construction Team, Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Before heading off to college, and working part-time during those same years, I was employed as a framing carpenter, constructing custom homes with intricate architectural significance and details. I watched and smiled as the homeowners’ excitement grew nearing completion. After graduation I put down my hammer and nail bags, and changed into a business suit and pursued ventures in real estate development. Yet a creativity gap began to form inside me.

At the intersection of art and function lies the media of home building. For years people have described beautiful homes as fine craftsmanship. A cut-above is fine art. Through quality craftsmanship and love for the artful craft of building, I believe in creating functional art in the homes that will be shared for generations. Sculpting environments from good to great is my mantra.

Ted Lambros

Design Team

Since I was young, I have always had a considerable interest in design and cooking. My neighbor was a renaissance man of sorts; he created beautifully scaled models for each of his kitchen design projects, mixed his own paints and was forever experimenting with various cabinet materials and alternate construction methods – it all fascinated me immensely. He “hired” me to sand, paint and run errands. I was part of the interior design team, and thrilled to walk the jobs during construction.

It’s no wonder that design has always stood out as the perfect path for me.

Design Team

What turns an ordinary house into a beautiful home? Why is it that some homes just "feel" right? It's the integration of finish materials early during the Home Design phase that the beauty, comfort and style of a home truly sings.

Design is a part of our everyday life - homes are our playgrounds. The October 5 design team takes a keen interest in your materials choices, understanding their shape and function, and how they relate to subsequent construction. We believe it's the design, attention to detail and consideration of material finishes early in the design process. Space, planning, lighting, cabinetry, furniture, stone/tile, color and finishes are all the best when given considerations long before any work begins. Design/Build– is there really any other choice for modern times? Ask our clients.